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A Blog from Lady Lightstep

I love to dance. Don't you? I've met people who think they can't dance, or that they're bad dancers, or even that they shouldn't dance at all. I just don't understand them! Let me tell you a secret--once upon a time, a long, long, really long time ago, I couldn't dance, either. And just think--if I hadn't tried, I wouldn't be able to make flowers bloom wherever I take a step. 

As to being a bad dancer--why, the only bad dancer is the person who doesn't dance at all. I dance every day, and so can you. Dance at a party
with your friends, or in a class with other people who are learning along with you, or alone in your room with your favorite music. To go through life without dancing, just because you think you're not good at it--that's as sad as going through life without laughing. When I dance, it's laughter in motion. 

And what a shame to think you shouldn't dance. Of course you should dance--everyone should! So tease out a little bit of time today, and just dance. Make your own laughter in motion!

Lightsteppingly yours,
Lady Terpsichore Lightstep